Sitecore Modules and Contributions

Sitecore Marketplace Modules

Follow Field Target

Frustrated that I could never simply click through to an Item referenced by one of Sitecore’s Link or List Fields I created this Module.In the Content Editor the module adds a Follow link above fields such as Droplist, Droplink, Droptree, Multilist, Treelist and more, which loads that selected Item in the editor. So navigating to that Item is simple. It even works on highlighting Items in the Multilist and Treelist columns.


Secure File Upload

A module that gives Content Editors greater control and security over what files users are uploading via Sitecore’s Webforms for Marketers. The Module includes a new Secure File Upload custom field type that allows Content Editors to define the location of uploaded files are stored, the maximum file size and the file types that are allowed. Also included are File Size Validator and File Type Validator. The former preventing files of over a certain size from being uploaded. The latter restricting files to a certain type via a secure method of Byte Array Sequencing.


Gated Content

This is a Gated Content module which utilises Webforms for Marketers to give Content Editors the tools to gated areas of a page so that Site Visitors must first provide some information in a form before gaining access to Content such as Text, PDFs, White Papers etc. What’s more this Module implements levelled Gated Content. Content Editors can define content to require different levels of gated access. Imagery could require the Level 1 – providing an email address. Where a White Paper may require Level 2 – an occupation. Its ultimate purpose is to obtain identifying information about the User to keep in xDB.


Master Key

An extension to the Sitecore Content Editor to give Users greater abilities to manage locked items by both themselves and by others while honouring the hierarchy of roles. The Module ships with new Ribbon buttons; Unlock Items and Unlock Child Items.  Also included is a new Gutter item to display Unlockable Items and releases their locks. The module has been built on the Pipeline design pattern so completely customisable out of the box.


Datasources Content Editor Tab

A joint effort by myself and Mike Robbins. An Extension to the Sitecore Content Editor to help expert users to see the components and their datasources added to an Item at a glance, and to help new users by giving a simplistic visualisation of what the item will be displaying.


Other Projects

Dynamic Microsite Toolkit

My biggest solo endeavour. A complete self-contained Microsite Toolkit that allows Content Editors to create Microsites dynamically with no intervention needed from developers to build assets or even configure IIS or host files. Currently close to completion and due to presented at a Sitecore User Group before the end of the year.

Source: Currently a private repo until its reveal!

Sitecore Template Toolkit

The product of Mike and my efforts in the Sitecore 2015 hackathon. A module to simplify the management of standard values, expand tokens and other repeat template actions.


Broken Links Manager

An initial proof-of-concept to resolve broken links due to changes in the Information Architecture of Sitecore Items. Usually these links cannot be resolved via Rebuilding the Links Database.


Send Email with Attachment Save Action

A new Save Action for Sitecore’s Webforms for Marketers that allows one or many attachments to be added to emails sent upon completion of the form. Currently Redeveloping this into a stand alone Markertplace Module with some usability improvements. The tutorial on how to create this Save Action can be found below.



I maintain all of the code I write for blog posts and snippets I commonly use in Projects on Github’s Gist allowing other developers to freely access and utilise my code to help them in their development.

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