SUGCON 2018 Presentation – A Developer Pays their Debts

Earlier in the year I was fortunate enough to be selected to present at Sitecore User Group Conference, SUGCON.

I presented with Wesley Lomax on the thinking, approach, and execution of how we solved the technical debt in a multi-million pound Sitecore implementation.

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Sitecore MVP 2016

A slightly different type of post today, the next entry in the series I am writing about extending xDB and Experience Profile is coming at the end of the week. Instead of the usual development guides, sample code and concepts its more of a “Good news everyone!

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Sitecore Marketplace Module – MasterKey

MasterKey – Unlock Sitecore Items en masse

So pretty exciting news! My first Module has just become available on the Sitecore Marketplace;

It is inspired by the struggles one of the QA guys I work with who had the joy of going through and unlocking folders and folders of items locked by a Content Editor’s account.

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