Sitecore Hackathon 2015 Part II – EntityService in Sitecore.Services.Client

Continued from Part I outlining how Entity Service can be consumed by SPEAK.

EntityService in Sitecore.Services.Client

We opted for EntityService as opposed to ItemService as it allowed us to serve up custom, lean Models of Items and Fields. Containing only properties required for the Module providing we implement EntityIdenitity in the class definition.

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Sitecore Hackathon 2015 Part I – Sitecore SPEAK

Assert.IsNotNullOrEmpty (teamName, “Team name can’t be null”)

Last weekend the second 24 hour Sitecore Hackathon took place with the best and brightest from the community competed in teams to build the best Sitecore 8 Module. My brother and I decided to enter a team with a nerdy name referencing the Sitecore API. This was my first Hackathon and I had a romantic view of it being like that scene in The Social Network however in reality it came to be something even better.

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