Display the Context of a Sitecore Goal in the Experience Profile

For a while now I’ve been writing about collecting and displaying data unique to a client in Sitecore’s Experience Profile. What went hand in hand with that is the use of Sitecore Goals and Outcomes – giving a business value, sometimes monetary, to actions performed on the site. The Experience Profile currently shows the goals for each Contact.

However, beyond the goal being registered we don’t know the context in which the goal was met. Wouldn’t it be great if we knew WHAT was added to the basket when the ‘Add to Basket’ goal was registered?

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How to extend Sitecore’s Experience Database

It’s about time we start doing with Experience Database. Out of the box, xDB is awesome for collecting general data such as name, address, contact details etc and that’s really useful. But how about we take it to another level; store specific information to the website, the client and the interactions of the visitor.

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